Taking care of your leather shoes


It is the same story as your expensive leather bag and luxury watch, purchasing premium leather shoes is an investment. It’s obvious that you have to pay much more than an ordinary pair at the moment you buy. However, it will provide you much longer lifetime and also experience.

Therefore, people who love leather goods needs to know these following tips to make your shoes last longer and stay beautiful. Today, MAVERICKSHOES has some tips for you.

Avoid water, or remove as soon as possible in case it contacts with water, then put paper inside to absorb moisture.prolong1

Avoid leaving under sunlight for long time, as your skin : the more exposing in sunlight, the more chance to damage leatherprolong2

Using shoe tree, we recommend to choose wooden shoe tree, or using paper as it not only keep your shoes in shape, but also absorb moisture and odour.prolong3

In case of not using it for a long time, take it out of the box for some time as it can be damaged by moisture.prolong4

Have alternative pair of shoes, swap using can extend its lifetime.prolong5

Finally, using shoehorn

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